Thursday, September 16, 2010


 This is going to be the first for me. I’ve never actually done what I have always imagined in my heart since I became born again.  I have had a serious desire to do the work of Jesus; healing the sick, casting out devils and doing miraculous things. I have dreamt of going to the ends of the world, just for the one, who needed “the touch” from Heaven.

A few days ago, I was invited to pray for a man who, due to a motorcycle accident, has been paralyzed from his lower chest down for the past 3 years. His name is, Kevin. A very humble, hospitable young man, who 3 years ago was no where close in relationship with God to where he is at now.

This would be my chance to actually live the life the Holy Spirit has been trying to motivate me to live. I made sure my heart was right, and my house cleaned up. Got my priorities right, which is, seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness and everything, shall be added on to you. (Matt 6:33)
Something I encourage everyone to do, but it’s not required “before” you go and preach the gospel or heal the sick. You don’t learn then go, you go and you learn as you go.
 But, it is required if you want to be obedient, and in the case of fully depending of God to provide all your needs then I recommend seeking first the kingdom of God.

2Cr 9:8   And God [is] able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all [things], may abound to every good work:
 (Note: to do good works for the kingdom, not for your own benefits.)

Up to this point, Kevin has been on a diet that causes him to fall asleep late past the evening and wake up near afternoon. He spends the day alone with his parents reading and listening to Bible audio teachings and other Christian known leaders in the faith, such as Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, and so on. Looking for an answer to the Question, I believe, lies deep inside every person sick and/or has loved ones struggling with the topic of Faith and Healing, which is;
“Why am I not healed yet, if I profess in my heart to know and believe Jesus bore my sickness and disease, and have declared over myself that by his stripes I was healed?”

I use to struggle myself with that question in regards to my son, Josiah and his manifestation in complete healing. But, after seeing the results in healings I have been getting when I pray for people on the streets, I must say that I stand stronger on the word of God and what He “has already” done for our healing.  The facts are, God has already paid full price for our healing, and the devil has been defeated. So I’m the middle man who is the one commissioned to serve man and free him from his infirmities. I have been given full responsibility to go and preach, saying the kingdom of God is come onto you, your sins have been forgiven, believe in the Lord Jesus, and heal them etc. (Matt 10:7-8)

I arrived at Kevin’s home, located somewhere in the Prescott valley of Arizona, late Tuesday morning. I was welcomed by Kevin with a surprise look on his face. On a later conversation, as I was attempting to show him how God’s promises are always sure to happen because He was the one making the promise not us, and He is a God of His word proven throughout history, I asked Kevin when I told him I was coming that afternoon, if he believed me. His response surprised me. “I wasn’t sure,” Kevin said.  I asked why, and he said, “because in the past people have promised to come either hangout or pray for me and they never showed up.”  This is wrong church. 

Kevin mention of a few believers who have attempted to pray for him at church. “It was weird and I could see the look on their faces that they didn’t believe I could walk and they were just laying hands on me for the sake of doing it in church.” Kevin said.

I was told of only two believers coming over to his home to pray for him, and on either occasion their prayers only lasted 30minutes.   This short amount of time to lay hands on the sick would be fine if that person was seeing incredible results, accompanied with limited availability to spend more time one on one.  What you are hearing me say, is my own opinion. Take it for what its worth.  If you are not seeing amazing results in every one you pray for and you can make time to spend in prayer for that person. I think that it would be good.

With my son, I have resorted to spending time everyday laying my hands on him, imparting Life into the needed cells to heal him. I have seen good results so far.  I have made Romans 8:2 a key part of my praying for healing. “For the law of the spirit of life, has set me free from the law of sin and death.” I have read testimonies from John G.Lake’s book, on how his family members that got sick were put in isolation for a period of time. Devoted to praying and speaking in tongues, doing shifts, until the person sick, was totally healed, without any unbelievers welcomed in the room with them. In some situations it took two weeks.

Perseverance, discipline, love and long suffering are the keys to developing a strong character. It helps renew your mind, and makes you stronger in the area of healing.  It also shows the person who is in need of the miracle, like Kevin, to see that you really do care about them. 

I stayed over, praying and touching him almost the whole 8 hours I was there. We saw break threw in the area of pain, and his big toe moved when he willed it.  Kevin said that it was the first time that pain left when I put my hand on his back. There is however much more completion that needs to happen in Kevin’s body, but I am 100% sure that 8 hours of life imparting on him has done a lot, if not all that’s needed.
Kevin’s mom was also present in the house, and she too needed healing for unknown sores of pains in her back/ shoulders and arthritis in her hands. She got completely healed instantly. Pain free, for two days now, thank you Jesus!

Kevin and I were discussing about how the Holy Spirit was a must have as a Christian.
I will leave you with this last remark, and then I will pick up on it on my next blog.

Being a believer without having the baptism of the Holy Spirit, is like a police officer standing in the middle of the road directing traffic. He has Authority over that area and in charge of directing traffic. But without being filled with Spirit, if a car decided to rebel and not follow his authority then there was no way he could stop the car from crashing in to him and others. But having the Holy Ghost, is like the police officer in a tank on the road directing traffic, and who ever decides to rebel against his authority, having that tank(HolyGhost) as the power, He will blast that rebel to kingdom come!!! LOL

Love you guys
Glory and Freedom!!!

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