Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Trip around California

hello everyone..

i went on a trip with Travis Young, Nathan Funk and Josh, for 8 days. we started last Saturday night at Yosemite National Park. we spent one night there and most of the next day climbing rocks, mountain and trails. the night was super cold. it must have started out about 60 and ended up at 30 over night. the funny thing was, the 8 person tent that was donated to us for the trip was missing the top cover. leaving us with a mosquito netting  as a roof. the positive side to this was we had an amazing star gazing night for the next 4 nights. lol
 Every time i or anyone else would say," oh, look at the stars..." Travis or I would start singing the song sang by cold play, "look at the stars, look how they shine for me..." lol. it was hilarious.   Saturday night we went exploring the mountain side where we camped out. we had beans for dinner in the cans over a fire. it was awesome! 

        so the next morning we went to climb a mountain on a 2.5 mile trail. Travis had his camera so i didn't bring my phone to take pictures. sorry. it was a view, let me tell you.
   we then headed for Death Valley National Park. a 7hrs drive. we got there and the weather was around 85 at 9pm. we went to bed and the weather cooled down to a nice breezy 75. we had 5 hrs sleep that night in efforts to drive around early before the sun rise to take pictures. the hottest recorded ground temp was about 200 degrees. it was crazy. we spent about 5hrs sight seeing. we walked on a salt ground, called bad water, where the water evaporated and left two inches of salt on the ground. being food minded as i am, i could resist all the free pure natural salt. so i bagged a big bag of it to take home. hehe
       we arrived to "Slab City" in Hiland, CA a little south of salton sea, near LA.  If you are not familar with slab city, then i recommend you rent, " In to the wild" a documentary of this young man who went on a hiking trip across america and settled at slab city for a few days and on to canada. its a sad stroy, he ended up dieing of poisoning before he came home to his family. but, the move helped make slap city a poplar place.
slab city is a old abandoned military city where there is nothing left now but concrete slabs on the ground. its currently filled with hundreds of hobos, jobless, sick, and or vacationers who come and live "for free" for a season or like some who are there, have lived there for 30 years. 
what makes this place special to us is a man named Lenard Night. who hand build for the last 20 years, a mountain 25 ft hight and about 150 ft long, completely covered in painted scriptures and God loves you. this now recognized as a national monument is called, Salvation Mountain. the mountain is made up of straws, wood, car and truck tires, and adobe. its amazing. lenard is a God loving soul who want the whole world to stop and pray to God all at the same time and just say, "I love you God."
we spent two days ministering to people who lived in slab city. in afternoon, travis and I went to town and set down to do a bible study and drink a soda at a local grossery store. in the two hrs we were there, we ministered to the store owner, and 80% of the people who came through the store. we healed a few people of minor pains, and one with devils. 
we were invited to diner and breakfast/ bible study with a family who were the only family out there doing ministry to the whole city. we pored love, life, revelation, joy in to there hearts and encouraged them a lot. we also go to minister healing to a few locals there. 
we were finally able to take showers that day, when we came across the Salton sea. it looks for a far off like a beach. white sand and water. but when you get into the sand. its really full of dead skeleton fish. it was terrible. we used the public showers and then went back to our tents. however on our way, we went through border patrol. that was awesome. we were asked to pull over, because Nathan and Travis were Canadians and I said I was born in Africa and Yosh, he didnt even have his wallet. so they took him in to a room to question and do finger prints and us the did a drug dog search of our car. lol we had that bag of salt in the car, and it didn't look good. lol. Josh made it out alive and was given a warning. 
            The next night we arrived in San Diego. we didn't have a place to crash, so we prayed and posted up on FB that we need a place to crash. as we went to the beach there to swim, we got word that Travis's cusine who he didn't know lived there welcomed us over and gave us an amazing dinner and Breakfast. God is Good!!!
the next day we arrived at LA and crashed at Josh's aunts house, who had cancer. we ministerd to her while we were there and we also met up with Nathan's friend. we where there two days. we went to the beach everyday and ministered to people while playing volleyball. we ministered to people in Disney land. and on the streets. 
    that day in Disney Land, we found out how God loved everyone and we needed to minister to everyone we see and not just people with obvious pain or sickness in there bodies. when we started loving on everyone there, we felt this over whelming love in our hearts for souls. it was different. i liked it. and i will do that more. It has become so important to me that I need to get better at word of knowledge and prophesy. it really helps and encourage people. its a great attention and conversation starter.
    we were invited for dinner and to stay at this family's house. there were a blessing beyond my expectation. there son went to bethel for two years and the family were big in the "drunk inthe spirit: thing, but i gotta say, they knew how to show love. we had an amazing dinner, breakfast and lunch at there house. i loved it. lol
  church on sunday morning was amazing, i never went to a church before that all there worship songs where new covenant songs. it was good. we had our mail read to us and I grew out the pastors leg.
we also healed a few other people there. we left later then we thought, but made it back home in San Jose by 11pm that night. 
over all i think the trip help me personal more then I did anyone else. I learned compassion is the #1 focus in doing ministry. not, oh i have the power in me to affect peoples live, and operate in that mentality only, but both.  Its one think to have the knowledge, but another to walk in revelation and experience.
thank you Jesus for you over whelming Love and compassion for people.

God bless you guys reading this, and know that we are the answer to the worlds cry for Jesus! we do not have time to waist around watching TV or playing games. we need to renew our minds and go and be love to some one who doesnt know Jesus!!!

love you guys.

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  1. This is great Steve!! I love you man. You really know how to make me laugh all while crushing my heart with conviction.