Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hi everyone. sorry its been a while since i blogged. :)   A lot has happened since we last talked.
My wife Melissa surprised me with a trip to Maui, Hawaii for 9 days as a birthday/honey moon vacation. We have been married now for four years but had not had a honey moon. So, she took some money from cashing in on her 401k after quiting her job to do this.  I know, some of you are thinking what on earth would you pull out from your 401k? well, lots of reasons, but ultimately, money does and will never run my life. Faith in the Lord Jesus does!  
We were blessed to have our beloved friend SueEllen watch our kids while we were gone, with the help of Ryan, Laura, Brandon, and Savannah. The 9 days felt like forever away from the kids. But, it was a long over due time alone with my beautiful wife, and i enjoyed having her to myself. lol 
we stayed in a nice small 250 sqft studio. Fully decorated with beach Hawaiian flavor. it was cozy and cute. The owners were nice, Christian couple, full of helpful hints and tips to give to make our stay for hospitable. They also landed us boggy boards and snorkeling gears to use at the beach. 
big beach
Most of our stay was going to different beaches in order to find the best.  :)  We settled on Big Beach. located south west of the island of Maui.  The sand was a perfect gold color with a softness I can't describe. Lets just say that when you rub it all over your hands, it feels like ex-foliating your hands. Loved it.  The water was lite, clear and a beautiful 70 degrees. Just like the pictures you see online.

When we started have sun burns we decided to put a day between going to the beach and site seeing around the island.  We went to see the 10,000 ft tall volcano. it took us 2hrs to drive to the top, then we hiked 2hrs into the crater of the volcano. The temp up there was 30degrees colder then the ocean surface. 
We had a great amazing view of the clouds and landscape as we drove up past the clouds. 

volcano summit

We had a night where we were on a diner cruise, and had drinks, steaks and amazing cheese cake, while enjoying an amazing view of the island from the sea.

We ate at ocean side restaurants, and local dive sushi bars. we had a native lady rip us off by selling us some over priced fruits, and jewelry on the road side to the beach.  but we did enjoy the best tasting pineapple ever!  And the coconuts were something else.
diner cruise
We did the drive to Hana. The side of the island where you drive 3hrs on a winy 625 hair pin turns road through the rain forest, and you get to see many natural water falls, pools of water, and views of the ocean. 

We went snorkeling one afternoon, by Black Rock Sheraton Hotel, at Kaanapoli beach.  We say beautiful colorful fish, and a sting raw swam right across my face, freaking me out, and I swam as fast a possible to the shore. lol

We did karaoke one night. Melissa sang me a love song while I sang her one as well. she sang, "Your still the one" by Shania Twain.  I sang her, "Bless the broken road" by Rascal Flats. It was amazing, we wooed the crowd. lol. 
Over all the trip was fun, relaxed, and romantic. 
We even got to minister to a couple homeless men. 

We got home to a couple of sick kids with a cold. It was upsetting to see them sick. Its been like four days now, and they are still getting over it. arrrr!
We've had an amazing thanksgiving day. Got invited to Rose's house. She is a sweep lady with a nice heart. She gave us two 10lbs turkeys and potatoes to cook. it was nice.  
Today was Black Friday. My wife went shopping at 3:30 am. then slept all day, and I went to buy tools at home depot with the kids.
Then we went to the mall for our weekly meetings. I prayed for a bunch of people, but one in particular, a young guy with his father, was healed instantly of knee injury and left holding up his crutches. Praise God. 

Well thats it for now. Love you all. Bless ya
Have an amazing holiday break. 

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